Car Mileage Calculator

Car Tab

The Car Tab allows one to enter new cars or delete cars from the database. It will also allow one to import mileage data in CSV from another program. It also will display any current alerts for the current selected car.

  1. Mileage - This section displays the lifetime mileage, the mileage for the last fillup, and the distance driven per month of the car selected. It is based on a 30 day month. It contains a Display Units menu to select how you would like units displayed in this program. It also contains a setting to store the Cost as per fillup or per unit. It will remember these settings after you restart the program. There are currently five selections for the Display Units menu: Miles per Gallon, Liters per 100 Kilometers, Liters per 10 Kilometers, Miles per Liter, and Kilometers per Liter.
  2. Create New Car - This section allows you to enter a new car.
  3. Delete Current Car - This section deletes an already existing car. When you do this all data is REMOVED for this car. It will prompt you to make sure.
  4. Import Mileage Data - This allows one to import data in CSV (Comma Seperated values) format. The values to enter are Date (in some reasonable format, recommended YYYY/MM/DD), Odometer, Fuel, and optionally the cost. It will import the data into the currently selected car. If this is for a new car then you should create a new car first. If there are gaps in the mileage data then each sequence should be entered seperately as a seperate file. Clicking on the Import button will bring up a wizard to guide you through the process.
  5. Alerts - If alerts have been entered for this car it will show when the next alert will occur. Alerts are based on your currect odometer value based on mileage data being entered.

Entry Tab

The Entry Tab allows one to enter mileage data one date at a time. Make sure that the correct car is selected in the menu above. The date must be in the form YYYY/MM/DD. The odometer entry must be an integer. Clicking "Today's Date" will enter the current date into the date field. A keypad is displayed for fast entry. If the previous time you filled up you did not record the reading then click on the "Click if no previous entry" button. When all data has been entered then press the "Submit Entry" button.

Data Tab

The Data Tab displays all the data for the car selected. It can display data for Mileage, Activity, Alerts, or Trips. The data can be sorted by selecting the headers of the columns. From this tab one can also delete entries from any of the four sets of data. To delete an entry, highlight it and select the "Delete Entry" button.

Care Tab

The Care Tab allows the user to enter Alerts and Activities. An Alert is a future event for your car such as an oil change. An Activity is an event that has already occured.

  1. Alerts - When Alerts is selected one can enter data associated with an alert. One must enter an Odometer and an activity. Optional values are Repeat Every and Comment. To activate an alert enter the odometer value when this alert should occur. You can also enter a Repeat Every value which will trigger an alert every entry after the first value stated as odometer.
  2. Activity - When Activity is selected one can enter data associated with an activity. One must enter Date, Odometer and an Activity. A comment is optional.

Trip Tab

The Trip Tab lets you keep track of the miles that you drive during a trip. When you enter information you must enter the start odometer and start date. You can then submit partial data. When you complete your trip go to the Data Tab and select Display Trips. Then highlight the trip you just completed. This data will now be displayed on the Trip tab. Simply fill in the remaining information on the Trip Tab and submit. The old data will be deleted and the new data put in its place.

Graph Tab

The Graph Tab allows you to plot data for the selected car. Currenly only three graphs are implemented, Mileage, Distance, and Cost. Data can be plotted for a specific year or for all years. It is hoped that as time goes on more graphs will be added.

Contact & License Info

This program is licensed under the GPL. Source code and more information for this program can be found at The maintainer is Bruce Forsberg